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1918 - 2004

Born July 4, 1918, New York City   

Harvard College, 1937-1941

Private Secretary to Ambassador Joseph C. Grew in Tokyo and, after repatriation, in Washington, 1941-1942

Japanese and other Far East postwar planning in Department of State, Washington, 1942-1945

Special Assistant to Ambassador George Atcheson, US Political Adviser to General MacArthur, in Tokyo, 1945-1946

Japanese Desk Officer In Department of State, 1946-1950

Special Assistant to Director of Office of Northeast Asian Affairs, detailed to Japanese Peace Treaty planning, 1950

Assistant to Ambassador Dulles in negotiation of Japanese Peace Treaty in Washington, Tokyo, London, etc., and Technical Adviser at Japanese Peace Conference in San Francisco, 1950-1951

Staff of US Representative on NATO Council of Deputies, London, 1952 

Member of US Delegation to NATO, Paris, 1952-1956

Officer in Charge of North Atlantic Treaty Economic and Military Assistance Affairs, Department of State, 1956-1957

NATO Adviser, Department of State, 1957-1958

National War College, Washington, 1958-1959

Chief, Political-Military Affairs Branch, American Embassy, Tokyo, concerned with negotiation of US-Japan Security Treaty, 1959-1961

Officer in Charge of Japanese Affairs, Department of State, 1961-1962

Deputy Director, and then Director, for East Asian Affairs, responsible for Japan, Republic of Korea, Republic of China, Department of State, 1963-1966

Political Adviser to the Commander in Chief, Pacific, with personal rank of Minister, 1966-1969

Civil Administrator of the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa), with personal rank of Minister, 1969-1972

Chairman, Dept. of International Relations and Area Studies, National War College faculty, 1972-1975

Special Assistant to the Secretary of State and Coordinator for Combating Terrorism, 1975-1977

Consultant to Agency for International Development, 1977-1978

Special Assistant to Coordinator of Population Affairs, Department of State, 1978-1979

Special Assistant to the President of Population Action International, Washington, D.C., 1979-1997

Author of: The Occupation of Japan, MacMillan, 230 pages, 1950, forewords by Ambassador Grew and, in Japanese language edition, by Ambassador Dulles

The US Versus the USSR-Ideologies In Conflict, Public Affairs Press, 48 pages, 1959, foreword by Paul H. Nitze

World Population-Silent Explosion, Department of State monograph, 32 pages, 1978, co-authored with Ambassador Marshall Green

Awarded Dept. of Army's Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service in 1972, and Japanese Government's Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1982.

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